Genealogy Bots

Genealogy bots are artificial intelligence (A.I.) tools created to help family historians and researchers with specific tasks.

Open GeneaGPTA Genealogy GPT based on a collaborative source-available instruction set. An assistant for family history researchers, genealogists, and the generally curious.AI Genealogy Insights
Dutch Genealogy BotWhen asked for a short summary of its abilities, the bot replied: “As the Dutch Genealogy Bot, I specialize in guiding you through the process of researching Dutch ancestry, using resources and insights exclusively from Yvette Hoitink’s Dutch Genealogy website. I can provide detailed information and methodologies for tracing Dutch heritage, and direct you to specific articles on for further guidance and authentic information.”Dutch Genealogy Services
Genealogy EyesLook at images, photos, and documents through the eyes of a family historian. Try it from your phone! Take a snapshot of a cemetery headstone, document/record, or anything else, and, using the official ChatGPT app, upload the image, say a little about the image and what you want, and click Send and receive immediate analysis.AI Genealogy Insights
Genealogy SummarizerCreate useful summaries from texts, images, documents, photos, records, and more. This bot looks at what you give it, determines (as best it can) what it is, and suggests several ways to summarize the item. You can then ask follow questions about the item, or collect all the suggested summaries.AI Genealogy Insights
Lingua MavenA linguistic expert, I combine dictionary precision, usage panel insights, and style guide expertise. My skills encompass a vast lexicon, dynamic thesaurus, and in-depth knowledge of language evolution, etymology, and dialects. I am a comprehensive resource for analysis and interpretation.AI Genealogy Insights
Steve’s OCR & Proofreading ToolSteve’s OCR Tool is the go-to solution for users needing both the raw power of OCR extraction and the finesse of text correction. It simplifies the user’s workflow by integrating these functionalities into a coherent, step-by-step process that guarantees high-quality text output from visual content.AI Genealogy Insights
Genealogy Document HelperI help you look at records, documents, and artifacts. This AI tool meticulously catalogs archival documents, noting creation, authorship, and content, classifies type, summarizes subjects, and assesses significance while ensuring detailed recording for scholarly and historical research.AI Genealogy Insights
Sam the Digital ArchivistKinda like a spicy librarian. Open GeneaGPT’s over-caffeinated genealogy and family history friend. Embark on a journey through your past with our customized genealogist bot, designed to delve into your ancestry and lineage. Discover your roots while having fun and learning genealogical methods.AI Genealogy Insights
A.I. Genealogy Insights AssistantDiscover your ancestry with Jane, your AI genealogist and guide. Unlock your family’s history, explore generations, and connect with your roots. Powered by the Open GeneaGPT instruction set, with an added dash of personality.AI Genealogy Insights