Episode 5: From Global Classrooms to Game-Changing Tools

An example of "Six Minutes Over Silver Bullets" and using an LLM to take a transcript and generate derivative resources (i.e., this post written by Jane, my Claude 3.5 Sonnet model, from the text of episode 5 in about six seconds; PROMPT shown at bottom). - Steve:

Hey genealogy tech enthusiasts! 👋

Ready to dive into the latest AI breakthroughs shaping our family history research? Episode 5 of “The Family History AI Show” is hot off the press, and it’s packed with exciting updates that’ll make your ancestors wish they had these tools! 🧬🔍

🎓 First up, Steve Little takes us behind the scenes of his course “AI Genealogy Seminars: From Basics to Breakthroughs” at the National Genealogical Society’s GRIP 2024 Genealogical Institute. Imagine 60 genealogists achieving “escape velocity” in just five days! It’s not rocket science, but it’s pretty close!

🍎 Apple’s making waves with their focus on privacy in AI, and guess what? The whole industry is taking notice! Mark Thompson and Steve break down how this could shape the future of our research tools.

🤖 Hold onto your family trees, because Claude 3.5 Sonnet just entered the chat! This new AI model from Anthropic is not just smarter; it’s changing the game for genealogists. Picture this: asking your AI to whip up a robust pedigree chart of George Washington’s family tree in seconds; Steve shares his experience of trying this best-in-class model for the first time while traveling across Virginia. The future is now, folks!

💡 Our “Tip of the Week” will have you rethinking how you use AI. Spoiler alert: It’s all about “Six Minutes Over Silver Bullets.” Small tasks, big time savings!

🌍 Plus, we’re going global! From Ontario to Australia, the AI genealogy revolution is spreading faster than you can say “Great-great-grandmother”!

Don’t miss out on this genealogy gem! Listen now and join the conversation. How are you using AI in your family history research? Share your experiences and let’s learn together!

🎧 Listen to the full episode here: https://blubrry.com/3738800/132906819/ep5-claude-sonnet-35-is-the-best-ai-update-in-months-the-ai-industry-reacts-to-apple-intelligence-ai-highlights-from-grip-genealogy-institute/
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P.S. If this episode leaves you feeling like a time-traveling AI whiz, share it with your genealogy buddies. Let’s build the future of family history together! 🚀📚

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